Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Inkdrop! Here's how to get started. To get started with Inkdrop, we'll need to get it on your system.

Creating your Inkdrop account

First, go to Inkdrop website and sign up. Inkdrop will prepare new database for storing your note data. Also your account can be used for publishing your plugins and so on.

Downloading the app

After you set up an account and log in, you should see a download button as shown here:


Desktop application is ready for macOS, Windows and Linux, so choose one for your environment:


Installing Inkdrop on macOS

Inkdrop follows the standard Mac zip installation process. You can download the Inkdrop-x.y.z-Mac.zip file from the Inkdrop website. Once you have that file, you can click on it to extract the application and then drag the new Inkdrop application into your "Applications" folder.

Installing Inkdrop on Windows

Inkdrop is both available with a Windows installer and zip archive. The installer is recommended because it can provide auto-update features which automatically update to the latest version of the Inkdrop app.

Installing Inkdrop on Linux

You have two options to install it.

via Snap

If you don't have snapd yet, please install it beforehand.

The app is available on Snap Store. You can install the app via Snap Store like following:

sudo snap install inkdrop
# Allow the app to access to your keyring
sudo snap connect inkdrop:password-manager-service

You can easily update the app by running below command:

sudo snap refresh inkdrop

via Package

To install Inkdrop on Linux, you can download a Debian package, a RPM package or a zip archive. The packages do not have auto-update features. So when you would like to upgrade to a new release of Inkdrop, you will have to repeat this installation process.

wget https://api.inkdrop.app/download/linux/deb -O /tmp/inkdrop.deb && sudo dpkg -i /tmp/inkdrop.deb && rm /tmp/inkdrop.deb

# Install Inkdrop's dependencies if they are missing
sudo apt-get -f install
wget https://api.inkdrop.app/download/linux/rpm -O /tmp/inkdrop.rpm && sudo yum install /tmp/inkdrop.rpm && rm /tmp/inkdrop.rpm

Log in

When you first open Inkdrop, you should see Log-in screen like this:


Enter your email address and password to get started.

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