How to Import Your Notes from Evernote

You can import notes from HTML files. It comes in handy when you would migrate your notes from other note-taking apps such as Evernote.

Export Notes as HTML files from Evernote

Evernote has a feature to export notes as HTML. Select a note or multiple notes you wish to export and right-click, then select “Export Note…” menu like following:

Export Notes from Evernote

‘Export Selected Notes’ dialog will show up. Please choose HTML as an output format, then click ‘Save’ button.

Export Notes from Evernote

You will get HTML files on your disk.

Import Notes from HTML Files

Now let’s import them. Select ‘Inkdrop -> Import -> from HTML files…’ from menu.

Import Notes from HTML

A dialog showing up, which asks you to select which notebook to be the destination. Once choosed a notebook, click ‘OK’ button. You will see the open file dialog, then select the HTML files you have been exported from Evernote. That’s it!

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