Resizing Images

Inkdrop basically follows GitHub-flavored Markdown which does not support specifying image size. To change image sizes in your notes, you have to define custom stylesheet. Add following rules to your styles.less:

.editor {
  .mde-cm-wrapper .CodeMirror .CodeMirror-linewidget, .mde-preview {
    img[alt$='#small'] {
      max-width: 75% !important;
      min-width: 200pt !important;

    img[alt$='#x-small'] {
      max-width: 50% !important;
      min-width: 100pt !important;

    img[alt$='#xx-small'] {
      max-width: 25% !important;
      min-width: 50pt !important;


With these rules defined, your images with alt attribute ending with #small will be rendered in small size. You can insert images in Markdown as following:

![image.jpg #small](inkdrop://file:srPsQH8nx)
![image.jpg #x-small](inkdrop://file:srPsQH8nx)
![image.jpg #xx-small](inkdrop://file:srPsQH8nx)

The app will render like so:


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