Release Notes (Beta)

You can download the beta version here. It is only available for paid users.

Inkdrop Release Notes (Beta)



New features


  • Upgrade Electron from 7 to 12
  • API: add editor-floating-actions layout that allows you to add custom floating action buttons on the editor (See the doc) (Thanks Ron)
  • Scroll sidebar to the selection automatically when opened a notebook (Thanks Shogo)
  • Network diagnosis to help configure Inkdrop for running it behind corporate proxy from menu Help -> Run Network Diagnosis.
  • Set window background to dark on dark mode to avoid flashy white backgrounds (Thanks Hugh)


  • Prevent adding more than one tags with the same name (Thanks Avis)
  • Change folder structure and file name of backup files that avoid using : character, which is prohibited in some cloud storage services (Thanks Ryan, Nicole, and Evan)



New features

  • Support adding tags and status by drag-and-drop notes (Thanks Jan)
    DnD support
  • Add "Remove Tag" context menu on note tag bar (Thanks Jan)
  • Support inkdrop:// URL scheme on Windows (Thanks Otawara-san)
    • Now the URL scheme works across macOS, Linux and Windows 🎉


  • Support YAML frontmatter for Markdown export (Thanks Robert)
  • Add some animations 🏃
    DnD support


  • Allow smaller window size when distraction free mode (Thanks Shota-san)
  • Move a window into the primary screen if it was outside of screens (Thanks Alexander)
  • Fix word-break of shared page url on note sharing dialog
  • Hide workspace if notebook does not exist when restoring navigation state (Thanks T_Crain)
  • Fix placeholder bug in codemirror (Thanks Akira-san)



A vlog for this update :)

Search feature improvements

  • title: and body: search qualifier to filter notes by title or body (Thanks Zhuolun) title qualifier
  • Support changing order of search results (Thanks Micah_Ledbetter) Search result order

Importing feature improvement

  • Support importing images when importing from Markdown or HTML files


  • Some Pug codeblocks cause the app to be crashed (Thanks Kato-san)




  • Restart sync when system unlocked
  • Restart sync when system resumed


  • Avoid loading 'null' mode in the editor
  • Fix the issue where "Cannot read property 'toString' of undefined" occasionally happens on the note list (Thanks Gustavo and Rael)



New features

  • GUI for installing plugins Plugin GUI


  • Show more human-friendly error messages
  • Include 'Completed' & 'Dropped' statuses when filtering with keywords
  • Remove 'Search' sidebar menu
  • Better conversion from HTML to Markdown


  • (Revert) The editor not utilizing the full width of the text window (Thanks Vikas, Jasper, Gustavo, and Samantha)
  • Fallback to the default theme if not installed (Thanks Mark)
  • Exporting all notes as Markdown not working when exporting sub-notebooks (Thanks Tiemen)
  • Create new notebook modal already has value from previously create notebook (Thanks Martynas)




  • Selecting text is not working



New features

  • Add MIME type x-scheme-handler/inkdrop for Linux so that you can open it with inkdrop:// URI scheme (Thanks Andi)
  • Toggle task list ([ ] or [x]) by mouse click in editor


  • The app launch speed significantly improved
  • Refurbish the editor toolbar Editor toolbar
  • Refurbish icons Editor toolbar
  • Add a separator for grouping pinned notes (Thanks tdudz)
  • Improve search result by having bigger weight for title field (Thanks Zhuolun and James)
  • Set max-width for editor
  • Bump up Electron to v8.3.4
  • Show progress of updating local indices
  • Show error dialog when failed to load the config files (Thanks can_Y)


  • add https:// if the URL is invalid format (Thanks Rael)
  • fix incorrect English (Thanks Rael)



New features

  • Support editor:open-link command which allows you to open a link on browser from the editor. The default keystroke is shift-ctrl-o
  • Support Workspace feature
  • Includes sub-notes when notebook item is collapsed
    The collapsing state also refrects listing notes so you can find sub-notes quickly
  • Remember note list state in navigatin history
  • Restore note list and editing state when exiting searching
    While searching:
    After exiting from searching by hitting Esc key or clearing keyword, you get back to the previous state of the note list and the editor:
    After exiting search
    It is useful to write a note while referring to other notes.
  • Filtering notebooks by keyword


  • Show accelerators in context menu
  • Default keyboard shortcut for pinning notes
    • P on note list
  • Show pinned notes to top on "All notes" and remove "Pins" menu
  • Make strong & em text clearer in syntax themes
  • Improve blockquote styling in syntax and preview themes
  • Change the keystroke for core:insert-link to cmd-k or ctrl-k
  • Add Emacsy keybindings for Linux and Windows, which was only supported on macOS:
    '.CodeMirror textarea': {
      'ctrl-f': 'editor:go-char-right',
      'ctrl-b': 'editor:go-char-left',
      'ctrl-p': 'editor:go-line-up',
      'ctrl-n': 'editor:go-line-down',
      'alt-f': 'editor:go-word-right',
      'alt-b': 'editor:go-word-left',
      'ctrl-a': 'editor:go-line-start',
      'ctrl-e': 'editor:go-line-end',
      'ctrl-v': 'editor:go-page-down',
      'shift-ctrl-v': 'editor:go-page-up',
      'shift-ctrl-f': 'editor:go-char-right',
      'shift-ctrl-b': 'editor:go-char-left',
      'shift-ctrl-p': 'editor:go-line-up',
      'shift-ctrl-n': 'editor:go-line-down',
      'shift-alt-f': 'editor:go-word-right',
      'shift-alt-b': 'editor:go-word-left',
      'shift-ctrl-a': 'editor:go-line-start',
      'shift-ctrl-e': 'editor:go-line-end',
      'ctrl-d': 'editor:delete-char-after',
      'ctrl-h': 'editor:delete-char-before',
      'alt-d': 'editor:delete-word-after',
      'ctrl-k': 'editor:kill-line',
      'ctrl-t': 'editor:transpose-chars',
      'ctrl-o': 'editor:open-line'
  • Select next note when deleting notes (Thanks Mike)
  • Restore focus when closing a dialog
  • Smaler font size for note title
  • Better performance in rendering note list items


  • Plugin readme is not showing as expected
  • Incorrect parent book Id is used when creating new notebook (Thanks Gustavo)
  • Prevent closing window on pressing ctrl-w on note title input bar on Windows and Linux
  • Do not blur on pressing backspace with all text selected in tag input



New feature


  • Upgrade Electron from 7.1.3 to 8.2.0



  • Improvement: Bump up Electron from 6.0.7 to 6.0.11
  • Improvement: Bump up ipm from 2.1.6 to 2.4.3
  • Bugfix: Opening next/prev note not working (Thanks Otawara-san)
  • Bugfix: Revert changes regarding checkpointers of data sync which might have been causing that some notes won't be synced in some cases
  • Bugfix: The scroll position is lost when toggling distraction free mode (Thanks Bastian)



  • New feature: Importing markdown files (Thanks q1701)
  • Improvement: Bump up Electron from 3.1.4 to 6.0.7
  • Improvement: Better UI performance
  • Bugfix: Plugin configurations on prefrence window not working
  • Bugfix: Pages from the second page are blank when exporting as PDF
  • Bugfix: Some memory leaks in sync



  • Improvement: Unnecessary spaces inserted when generating table rows (Thanks Otawara-san)
  • Improvement: Prevent restoring window size from exceeding the screen bounds (Thanks chocolat)
  • Improvement: Re-render when toggled preview (Thanks James)
  • Improvement: Change label for moving note to notebook (Thanks James)
  • Bugfix: Error notification not showing when failed to load keymap.cson
  • Bugfix: Show rendering error when failed to render Markdown and prevent the app crashing (Thanks ofton-san)



  • New feature: Support changing created datetime and updated datetime of notes Screenshot
  • New feature: Add 'Notes' menu item to notebook filter side menu
  • Improvement: Support warning about deprecated packages (Thanks Samantha and Erdem)
    • You need to update spell-checker plugin for v4.3.0, which now supports multiple languages
  • Improvement: Add app events app:ready and app:quit to Environment
  • Improvement: Update some dev stack



  • New feature: Better table editing support
    • It automatically creates new row when pressing enter key
      • Command: editor:new-line
    • It lets you move across table cells with tab key
      • Command: editor:move-to-next-table-cell and editor:move-to-previous-table-cell
  • New feature: Support highlighting tables in the editor
    • Before: before
    • After: after
  • New feature: Add core:search-notes and core:filter-notes commands
  • New feature: Support select all items on note list bar with core:select-all command
  • New feature: Support enum key in config schema for plugins. See the doc for detail.
  • Improvement: Update syntax themes to support highlighting tables and codeblocks
  • Improvement: Improve indenting ordered list items
  • Improvement: Do not focus to the search bar when selecting search item with keyboard input
  • Bugfix: Close window when it is in fullscreen (Thanks Sammy)
  • Bugfix: Add missing commands for changing note status
    • editor:change-note-status-(none|active|onhold|completed|dropped)



  • New feature: Support editor.indentUnit config (Thanks Ahmed)
  • New feature: Add core:note-list-show-all-notes and core:sidebar-focus commands
  • Improvement: Add .htm extension to dialog filters (Thanks jiunhsien)
  • Bugfix: Skip listing invisible notes(Completed, Dropped state) properly (Thanks Keiji-san)
  • Bugfix: Retain view options when changing order/sort
  • Bugfix: Autoupdate not working on macOS



  • New feature: Support <config_dir>/styles.less for style customizations
  • Improvement: Highlight search text on running editor:find or editor:replace command (Thanks Lu
  • Bugfix: Sync won't work via web proxy (Thanks Yusuke-san & Christian)
  • Bugfix: Show error message when it failed to load local database
  • Bugfix: Note tags are sometimes not properly migrated
  • Bugfix: Broken sync with Android (Thanks Joshua and Kato-san)



  • New feature: Support <config_dir>/init.js for advanced customizations
  • Bugfix: https_proxy with non-ssl web proxy won't work (Thanks Christian and Rino-san)
  • Bugfix: Updating FTS index won't be triggered unless you edit a note (Thanks Sceptic, Hiro and Masatoshi-san)





  • New feature: Support configuring global keymaps to focus the app window (Thanks Gustavo)
  • New feature: Support inkdrop:// app scheme (macOS) and argv (Windows & Linux) to open a note from external apps
  • New feature: Hide main window instead of closing it (Thanks Gustavo)
  • Bugfix: SVG files cannot be inserted (Thanks John)



  • New feature: Support inline image widgets for HTML img tags
  • Improvement: Support filtering by tag (Thanks Horii-san)
  • Improvement: Remember sidebar visibility (Thanks Horii-san)
  • Improvement: Add left margin to count badge (Thanks leptospira489)
  • Bugfix: JS compile cache not working



  • Improvement: New logo
  • Improvement: Change scrollbar width and color for Windows and Linux (Thanks leptospira489)
  • Improvement: Change sidebar indent width slightly (Thanks Enokiya-san)
  • Improvement: ipm command uses the client API key for the desktop app instead of requiring to generate an API key
  • Bugfix: devMode won't work (Thanks Otawara-san)



  • Bugfix: The app crashes when the note list scrolls after resizing the window (Thanks Horii-san)
  • Bugfix: Preferences window crashes when opened a plugin detail
  • Bugfix: Parse invalid search queries without errors



  • Improvement: Improve sync to be more stable
  • Bugfix: Clear find state in the editor when search keyword not set (Thanks Erdem)
  • Bugfix: Notebook picker on the editor not working (Thanks Otawara-san)
  • Bugfix: Cannot empty the trash (Thanks Erdem)
  • Bugfix: Show a proper error message on incompatible plugins



  • Improvement: Way smoother smart scroll sync
  • Bugfix: ctrl-y to redo in the editor not working on Windows and Linux (Thanks Otawara-san)
  • Bugfix: Dbl-clicking urls to open on the editor not working (Thanks Otawara-san)
  • Bugfix: Props for HTML img tag like width not working (Thanks Kazutaka-san)
  • Bugfix: Search keyword not being highlighted until you open a different note (Thanks Erdem)



  • Improvement: Quicker smart scroll sync
  • Bugfix: Can't toggle task list on preview
  • Bugfix: Smart scroll sync is unstable (Thanks Otawara-san)
  • Bugfix: Previous search text highlighting won't be cleared on the editor (Thanks Erdem)
  • Bugfix: Backspace won't work on tags input bar (Thanks FORTRAN)
  • Bugfix: Can't remove notebooks and tags from sidebar



  • New feature: End-to-end encryption
  • New feature: New search UI
  • New feature: Notebook submenus
  • New feature: Count badges
  • New feature: Smart scroll sync for side-by-side mode
  • Improvement: Better performance for full-text search
  • Improvement: Support embedding attachment images with HTML tags (Thanks Erdem)
  • Bugfix: Exported PDF randomly skips inline image (Thanks Asish)
  • Bugfix: First bullet point has an additional newline (Thanks derkork and Kuroyanagi-san)



  • New feature: Support jump-to-line command (Thanks Otawara-san))
  • Improvement: Use break-word for table when printing (Thanks Otawara-san)
  • Bugfix: Vibrant background does not work on macOS Mojave (Thanks Caleb)
  • Bugfix: Menu item not rendering properly on Ubuntu 18.04 (Thanks andy)