v4.1.0 Release Notes (Mobile)

Publish date: 2021-02-26

We've got significant performance improvement!


  • Data sync and loading image speeds have been improved (Thanks Marco)
  • Use system color scheme for syntax theme by default
  • Fixed TOC anchors not working (Thanks T_Crain)

v4.0.4 Release Notes (Mobile)

Publish date: 2021-01-23

Hey, we've got significant bug fixes here!

  • Editor toolbar is not showing correctly on iPhone 12 (Pro / Max) (Thanks Hirofumi and Justin)
  • Status bar turns white while keyboard is displayed (Thanks Hirofumi)
  • Attaching images is not working (Thanks Usamao)
  • Crashes when deleting a notebook

And some improvements

  • Bigger toolbar buttons to fit your fingers better(Thanks Jan)

v4.0.3 Release Notes (Mobile)

Publish date: 2021-01-02

Happy new year!


  • Support new internal note link format inkdrop://note/***
  • title: and body: search qualifier to filter notes by title or body (Thanks Zhuolun)

v4.0.2 Release Notes (Mobile)

Publish date: 2020-10-15

g'day. Automn is coming! 🍁


  • Faster launch speed
  • Set status and tag based on current query context (Thanks Shogo-san)
    • When you are selecting a tag or status, new note will have the tag/status automatically.

Markdown renderer updates

  • mermaid now supports User journey diagram and Entity relationship diagrams


  • Pinned notes not listed at the top in tag and status groups (Thanks Shimizu-san)

v4.0.1 Release Notes (Mobile)

Publish date: 2020-09-03


  • Background note syncing not working on iOS

v4.0.0 Release Notes (Mobile)

Publish date: 2020-09-01

New features


  • Improve search result by having bigger weight for title field (Thanks Zhuolun and James)


  • List unindentation does not work properly

v3.6.0 Release Notes (Mobile)

Publish date: 2020-02-28

New features

  • New syntax theme: material-dark-mod (Thanks Otawara-san) Material Dark Mod
    • You can change syntax theme from Sidebar -> Preferences -> Themes -> Syntax Theme
  • (iOS) Support inkdrop: URL scheme to just open the app


  • Detect correct image MIME type
  • [sequence-diagram] lighter background color for dark UI themes (Thanks Peilun)

v3.5.0 Release Notes (Mobile)

Publish date: 2020-01-23

New features

  • Global search
  • Advanced markdown renderer options (a.k.a. plugins for mobile)
    • breaks
    • embed
    • flowchart
    • markdown-emoji
    • math
    • mermaid
    • sequence-diagrams
    • toc


  • Tablet layout issue

v3.4.0 Release Notes (Mobile)

Publish date: 2019-12-23

New features

  • Notebook submenu
    notebook submenu
    notebook submenu Tap ">" button on the right of a notebook item on the sidebar. The submenu lists statuses and tags that are associated with notes in the selected notebook. You can learn more about Notebook submenu here.
  • Revision history
    Revision history 1
    Revision history 2
    Revision history 3
    Revision history 4
    You can restore an old note revision stored in your device locally. Lean more about revision history here.
  • Math support
    Math support in preview
    Built-in math plugin.
  • Auto-backup for editing note
    You can restore the last edit when the app crashed.


  • Show the editor when created new note
  • Show error message when failed to load notes

v3.3.2 Release Notes (Mobile)

Publish date: 2019-10-24


  • Inserting images not working