Release Notes

Inkdrop Release Notes



New feature

  • Support highlighting active line (Thanks Hiroaki-san) Highlight YAML


  • Highlight YAML frontmatter syntax Highlight YAML
  • Add text indent to align list items (Thanks Kento-san) Align list items


  • App crashes when showing error dialog (Thanks Prescott)
  • App crashes when showing settings of disabled plugin on Preferences
  • Export as PDF doesn't show error when failed



New feature

  • Support unsetting a tag from multiple notes at once (Thanks Halloleo)
  • Support YAML frontmatter (Experimental)


  • Blur before hiding the main window (Thanks Jasper)
  • Support selectFirstNote option in the following commands:

    • core:note-list-show-all-notes
    • core:note-list-show-notes-in-book
    • core:note-list-show-notes-with-tag
    • core:note-list-show-notes-with-status
    • See here for more detail
  • Show plugin version number in Preference window (Thanks Sceptic)
  • Add "All Files" filter on import dialog (Thanks Nicole)
  • Update Electron to 7.1.13

  • Handle anchor links in preview
  • Load CodeMirror language mode on demand
  • Syntax-highlight codeblocks in plugin readme


  • Some image attachments are not properly backed up
  • Window won't show when logged out
  • Insert " " between text token in note list view item (Thanks Koike-san)
  • (API) Babel configuration broken (Thanks Prescott and Jasper)

    • Now it uses core-js@3 properly, so you don't need to add core-js@2 as your plugin dependency
    • The recent Electron does support the most of ES6 features like Object Spread without using Babel
  • (API) Should respect dismissable parameter of Notification Manager (Thanks Jasper)




  • Note list performance
  • Do not remove documents which marked as deleted when restoring data from a backup


  • 'Restore' button not working on Backup preference due to updated Electron version (Thanks Nakatani-san)




  • Disclosure button makes the side menu item height taller on Windows (Thanks Otawara-san)
  • Double-clicking text opens external app unexpectedly (Thanks Otawara-san)
  • Avoid failing to build FTS index on processing invalid notes
  • Prevent opening new window by external _blank target links



New feature

  • Support showing a revision as diff in revision history
    Show as diff


  • MessageDialog supports modalSettings option (See here for more detail. Thanks andi)
  • Larger disclosure button for book list items


  • Pressing Enter key unexpectedly inserts a tag in the editor (Thanks Otawara-san)
  • Extra dots for trailing spaces unexpectedly showing (Thanks chocolat)
  • Sidebar book filter transition some times does not work as expected
  • Open URIs with unknown scheme in external (Thanks James)




  • Automatically select the first item of tags in the editor (Thanks Evan)
  • Allow copying/saving an image widget on the editor (Thanks Bastian)


  • Keybindings for plugins not showing (Thanks Otawara-san)
  • Replace the dependency of DEB package on libgnome-keyring0 with gnome-keyring (Thanks Daniel)



New feature

  • Importing markdown files (Thanks q1701)


  • Bump up Electron from 3.1.4 to 6.0.11
  • Bump up ipm from 2.1.6 to 2.4.3
  • Better UI performance


  • Plugin configurations on prefrence window not working
  • Pages from the second page are blank when exporting as PDF
  • Some memory leaks in sync
  • Opening next/prev note not working (Thanks Otawara-san)
  • Revert changes regarding checkpointers of data sync which might have been causing that some notes won't be synced in some cases
  • The scroll position is lost when toggling distraction free mode (Thanks Bastian)
  • Notarize the app for macOS Catalina (Thanks Kevin)




  • Use relative paths for images in exported files (Thanks Lennart)


  • Importing html files not working (Thanks Furukawa-san)
  • ipm publish not working (Thanks Otawara-san)



New feature

  • Clicking tags on sidebar while pressing cmd-key(macOS)/ctrl-key(Linux, Windows) to add a filter condition by them (Thanks Daniel)


  • Better performance for building full-text search index (Thanks Mori-san)


  • Preview is jittery when side-by-side mode (Thanks warcode)
  • Table editing support is not working on Linux (Thanks Bastian)
  • word-wrap is not enabled in codeblocks for printing (Thanks Carlos)
  • Scrolling to end of note list is jittery (Thanks Tobias)



New features

  • Changing default bullet for unordered lists (Thanks Liam) unordered-list-bullet
  • Global hot key to toggle main window (Thanks Jacques and Kanazawa-san)


  • Switch to editing mode automatically when created a new note (Thanks Gustavo)


  • Inline image widgets sometimes not showing (Thanks Kato-san)
  • Toggling checkbox on preview pane not working (Thanks Scott)



Some people are getting a blank screen after 4.3.0 update. This update should fix the problem. Please report if you still encounter the issue here.



Hi! I'm so happy to announce that this is the final release for the current roadmap (vol.3) 🎉 I'll open a discussion to plan the next roadmap with paid users soon! Enjoy Markdown note-taking 😃

New features

  • Better table editing support

    • It automatically creates new row when pressing enter key
    • Command: editor:new-line
    • It lets you move across table cells with tab key
    • Command: editor:move-to-next-table-cell and editor:move-to-previous-table-cell Demo
  • Support highlighting tables in the editor

    • Before: before
    • After: after
  • Support multiple languages in spell-checker@2.0.0 plugin
  • Add core:search-notes and core:filter-notes commands
  • Support select all items on note list bar with core:select-all command
  • Support enum key in config schema for plugins. See the doc for detail.
  • Support changing created datetime and updated datetime of notes Screenshot
  • Add 'Notes' menu item to notebook filter side menu


  • Update syntax themes to support highlighting tables and codeblocks
  • Improve indenting ordered list items
  • Do not focus to the search bar when selecting search item with keyboard input
  • Unnecessary spaces inserted when generating table rows (Thanks Otawara-san)
  • Prevent restoring window size from exceeding the screen bounds (Thanks chocolat)
  • Re-render when toggled preview (Thanks James)
  • Change label for moving note to notebook (Thanks James)
  • Support warning about deprecated packages (Thanks Samantha and Erdem)

    • You need to update spell-checker plugin for v4.3.0, which now supports multiple languages Screenshot
  • Add app events app:ready and app:quit to Environment
  • Update some dev stack


  • Error notification not showing when failed to load keymap.cson (Thanks Kato-san)
  • Show rendering error when failed to render Markdown and prevent the app crashing (Thanks ofton-san)
  • Close window when it is in fullscreen (Thanks Sammy)
  • Add missing commands for changing note status

    • editor:change-note-status-(none|active|onhold|completed|dropped)
  • Disable image widgets in code (Thanks Jacky)



  • New feature: Support adding status bar items from plugins (See this example plugin)
  • New feature: Support editor.indentUnit config (Thanks Ahmed)
  • New feature: Add core:note-list-show-all-notes and core:sidebar-focus commands
  • Improvement: Add .htm extension to dialog filters (Thanks jiunhsien)
  • Improvement: Humanize name of config settings of plugins in preferences
  • Improvement: Handle right-clicked items as expected (Thanks Otawara-san and Mike)
  • Improvement: Add some utility methods for layout
  • Bugfix: Skip listing invisible notes(Completed, Dropped state) properly (Thanks Keiji-san)
  • Bugfix: Retain view options when changing order/sort
  • Bugfix: Autoupdate not working on macOS
  • Bugfix: Update properly when a UI layout has been modified



  • New feature: Support <config_dir>/styles.less for style customizations
  • Improvement: Highlight search text on running editor:find or editor:replace command (Thanks Lu
  • Bugfix: Sync won't work via web proxy (Thanks Yusuke-san & Christian)



  • Bugfix: Show error message when it failed to load local database
  • Bugfix: Note tags are sometimes not properly migrated
  • Bugfix: Broken sync with Android (Thanks Joshua and Kato-san)



  • New feature: Support <config_dir>/init.js for advanced customizations
  • Bugfix: https_proxy with non-ssl web proxy won't work (Thanks Christian and Rino-san)
  • Bugfix: Updating FTS index won't be triggered unless you edit a note (Thanks Sceptic, Hiro and Masatoshi-san)



Please read this blog post to take a quick look at this release!

  • New feature: Support configuring global keymaps to focus the app window (Thanks Gustavo)
  • New feature: Support inkdrop:// app scheme (macOS) and argv (Windows & Linux) to open a note from external apps
  • New feature: Hide main window instead of closing it (Thanks Gustavo)
  • New feature: Support inline image widgets for HTML img tags
  • New feature: End-to-end encryption
  • New feature: New search UI
  • New feature: Notebook submenus
  • New feature: Count badges
  • New feature: Smart scroll sync for side-by-side mode
  • Improvement: Support filtering by tag (Thanks Horii-san)
  • Improvement: Remember sidebar visibility (Thanks Horii-san)
  • Improvement: Add left margin to count badge (Thanks leptospira489)
  • Improvement: New logo
  • Improvement: Change scrollbar width and color for Windows and Linux (Thanks leptospira489)
  • Improvement: Change sidebar indent width slightly (Thanks Enokiya-san)
  • Improvement: ipm command uses the client API key for the desktop app instead of requiring to generate an API key
  • Improvement: Improve sync to be more stable
  • Improvement: Way smoother smart scroll sync
  • Improvement: Quicker smart scroll sync
  • Improvement: Better performance for full-text search
  • Improvement: Support embedding attachment images with HTML tags (Thanks Erdem)
  • Bugfix: JS compile cache not working
  • Bugfix: SVG files cannot be inserted (Thanks John)
  • Bugfix: Plugin won't be loaded correctly due to babel error (Thanks folks involved on this issue)
  • Bugfix: devMode won't work (Thanks Otawara-san)
  • Bugfix: The app crashes when the note list scrolls after resizing the window (Thanks Horii-san)
  • Bugfix: Preferences window crashes when opened a plugin detail
  • Bugfix: Parse invalid search queries without errors
  • Bugfix: Clear find state in the editor when search keyword not set (Thanks Erdem)
  • Bugfix: Notebook picker on the editor not working (Thanks Otawara-san)
  • Bugfix: Cannot empty the trash (Thanks Erdem)
  • Bugfix: Show a proper error message on incompatible plugins
  • Bugfix: ctrl-y to redo in the editor not working on Windows and Linux (Thanks Otawara-san)
  • Bugfix: Dbl-clicking urls to open on the editor not working (Thanks Otawara-san)
  • Bugfix: Props for HTML img tag like width not working (Thanks Kazutaka-san)
  • Bugfix: Search keyword not being highlighted until you open a different note (Thanks Erdem)
  • Bugfix: Can't toggle task list on preview
  • Bugfix: Smart scroll sync is unstable (Thanks Otawara-san)
  • Bugfix: Previous search text highlighting won't be cleared on the editor (Thanks Erdem)
  • Bugfix: Backspace won't work on tags input bar (Thanks FORTRAN)
  • Bugfix: Can't remove notebooks and tags from sidebar
  • Bugfix: Exported PDF randomly skips inline image (Thanks Asish)
  • Bugfix: First bullet point has an additional newline (Thanks derkork and Kuroyanagi-san)



  • Improvement: Update Electron to 3.1.4
  • Bugfix: Avoid SSL problem with proxy enabled (Thanks Takahiro-san and Yan)
  • Bugfix: Windows app randomly not shutting down correctly (Thanks Sceptic, Samantha, and Otawara-san)
  • Bugfix: Prevent from removing selection out of search input when note opened (Thanks Yoshioka-san)



  • New Feature: Add a context-menu for copying and saving image on Markdown preview (Thanks kyubuns-san and Otawara-san)
  • Improvement: Support disabling the validation of self-signed certs by adding strict_ssl: 0 in your config.cson like so:

        strict_ssl: 0
  • Bugfix: Proxy settings won't work properly (Thanks Nobumi-san)
  • Bugfix: Exporting PDF file does not work (Thanks Atsuo-san)



  • Bugfix: Fix a bug where the app fails to initialize database

    • It avoids happening the error: "Failed to load database: TypeError [ERRINVALIDCALLBACK]: Callback must be a function"



  • Bugfix: The app incorrectly checks the beta version



  • New feature: Support jump-to-line in editor (Thanks Otawara-san)
  • Improvement: Update electron@3
  • Improvement: Fix menu item rendering problem on Ubuntu (Thanks andi)
  • Improvement: Fix vibrant dark UI theme issue (Thanks Caleb)
  • Chore: Prepare for beta program



  • Improvement: Add some CSS for print-out (Thanks Ikeda-san)
  • Improvement: Use Segoe UI font for Windows
  • Bugfix: Limit batch size of replications (Thanks Shimba-san)



  • Improvement: Auto-save when blurred the active window
  • Bugfix: Markdown parser doesn't behave correctly and it causes some plugins like TOC won't work
  • Bugfix: Table align doesn't work



  • Bugfix: Cursor jumps backward after typing the first letter (Thanks artigas and Lauren)



  • Improvement: Clear text selections in preview on note open (Thanks Otawara-san)
  • Improvement: Show confirm dialog for restoring backup (Thanks Nojiri-san)
  • Improvement: Add editor commands for changing note status (Thanks Hiroga-san)

    • editor:change-note-status-none
    • editor:change-note-status-active
    • editor:change-note-status-onhold
    • editor:change-note-status-completed
    • editor:change-note-status-dropped
  • Improvement: Disable auto-save while composing CJK (Thanks Obi-san and Otawara-san)
  • Improvement: Preserve cursor positions when synced editing note
  • Bugfix: Image widgets unloaded when note updated via sync
  • Bugfix: Inline HTML breaks the app (Thanks David M., David A., T.Y, et al.)



  • Improvement: (Windows) Avoid duplicate save action for the same revision
  • Bugfix: Small bugfixes on internal processing



  • Improvement: Change timeout for auto-save from 1 min to 5 secs.



  • Bugfix: (Windows) Can't toggle checkboxes on preview (Thanks, Enokiya-san)
  • Bugfix: (Windows) Inline HTML does not work (Thanks, Kato-san)
  • Bugfix: Table align does not work (Thanks, ZeroThe2nd)





  • New feature: Remember window maximized and fullscreen state
  • New feature: Support inline HTML
  • New feature: Support restoring old note revisions (Thanks Hoopy and others)
  • Improvement: Avoid overwriting old rev with new rev when conflicted. Make a copy of the old version
  • Bugfix: Fix unexpectedly rendering preview endlessly



  • New feature: Task progress view
  • Bugfix: The default remote db url is incorrectly shown



  • bugfix: Version dialog not shown on Windows or Linux (Thanks Sceptic)
  • bugfix: The app won't quit immediately in some case (Thanks Sceptic)
  • bugfix: Plugin keybindings not shown correctly on the preference screen (Thanks Samantha)
  • bugfix: Prohibit deleting default notebook (Thanks Sceptic)
  • bugfix: Avoid overwriting notes with same title and date time when exporting (Thanks Sceptic)
  • bugfix: Hide editor search box when toggling preview (Thanks Vianney)
  • bugfix: Allow file:// protocol for images (Thanks Sceptic)



  • improvement: Change the label for removing note from 'Delete' to 'Move to Trash' (Thanks Dan)
  • improvement: Exporting with preview theme styling (Thanks audiosyncrasy)
  • improvement: Allow rendering <mark> tag (Thanks Hoopy)



  • bugfix: Fixed a problem where the sync requests always time out after 10 seconds. It sometimes causes to fail synchronization when you have a lot of notes and images to sync at once (Thanks Hoopy)
  • bugfix: Use 20 characters for indexing notes with title (Thanks chocolat)
  • bugfix: Handle mailto: links properly (Thanks Samantha)
  • improvement: Add logout and sync menu (Thanks Al and Bob)
  • improvement: Stop checking update once it found new version on Linux (Thanks Luis, Parker and Al)
  • improvement: Select all text on focus on the search bar (Thanks Jesse and Robert)



  • improvement: Add print shortcut for windows and linux (Thanks Otawara-san)
  • improvement: Show native traffic light window buttons on macOS (Thanks Dan)
  • improvement: Better keychain error message
  • improvement: New config for sync: core.db.sync.options (Thanks Hoopy)
  • bugfix: Ignore case for title sort (Thanks Florian)



  • New feature: Exporting individual notes (Thanks, Takeuchi-san)
  • Improvement: Support changing sort mode via commands:

    • view:sort-by-title
    • view:sort-by-date-created
    • view:sort-by-date-updated
    • view:sort-in-ascending
    • view:sort-in-descending
  • Improvement: Don't save the window state if it's fullscreen/maximized (Thanks, Otawara-san)
  • Bugfix: Syntax highlighting for PHP won't work (Thanks, Nick and Kagaya-san)
  • Bugfix: Avoid duplicate keybinding for cmd-u & ctrl-u (Thanks, Otawara-san)


  • Bugfix: It always fails to initialize solarized-light-syntax plugin
  • Improvement: A little bit faster app initialization



  • Bugfix: The account status won't be recognized correctly when it is not active (e.g., trial expired)


  • Improvement: Show helpful guide on the login failures
  • Bugfix: "Add Notebook" button on the side bar doesn't work (Thanks, Nitawaki-san)


  • New feature: Showing invisible characters (Thanks, Kato-san)
  • Improvement: Open up the download page when new version available but not using auto update (Thanks, Aleksandar)
  • Improvement: Start syncing automatically when network is back online
  • Improvement: Show detailed error message when failed logging in
  • Improvement: Cursor moves to the next placeholder when executed Insert Link while selecting text (Thanks, Nitawaki-san)
  • Bugfix: Auto-increment for numbered lists corrupts mixed-type list (Thanks, Nitawaki-san)


  • Bugfix: Continue-list works unexpectedly when starting lines with "*" character (Thanks Aleksandar)
  • Bugfix: Paste-HTML-as-Markdown feature won't work well when you copy text from PhpStorm (Thanks Luis and Iwan)
  • Improvement: Support auto-increment remaining bullet numbers of ordered lists


  • New feature: Scroll-past-end (Thanks, Andrew)
  • Improvement: It now works on Ubuntu 14.04 and Debian 8.x (Thanks, Thomas)
  • Improvement: Don't continue-list in code blocks (Thanks, Matsumoto-san)
  • Improvement: Support jumping cursor to matched brackets in vim mode (Thanks, kiryph)
  • Improvement: Support searching notes without any status by specifying status:none (Thanks, Nitawaki-san)
  • Improvement: Support inserting multiple image files at once (Thanks, kyokomi-san)


Sorry for the frequent update. It's due to the recent change for reducing the app size. Thanks for your report!

  • Bugfix: ipm command not working


  • Bugfix: It fails to load plugins on macOS (Thanks Iwasaki-san)


  • Improvement: Reduced app size
  • Improvement: Support moving selected text by drag-and-drop (Thanks Ben)
  • Improvement: Support importing HTML file with tags, last updated date and created date (Thanks Nishi-san)
  • Bugfix: Hide menu bar on update window (Thanks Aleksandar)


  • Improvement: Less blocking UI while indexing full-text search


  • New feature: Export as PDF (Thanks Oliver)
  • New feature: Print out
  • Improvement: Support exporting as HTML for extended Markdowns by plugins such as math and sequence-diagrams (Thanks Iwan)
  • Improvement: Consistent syntax highlighting on the preview
  • Improvement: Now ships RPM package
  • Bug fix: Line height preference won't work (Thanks Kato-san)
  • Bug fix: Development mode can't be enabled (Thanks Iwan)



  • Improvement: Ordered task list (Thanks Pina)
  • Improvement: Focus existing window and quit when launching duplicate instances (Thanks Machida-san)


  • Bugfix: Tagging is not working due to the recent performance improvement


  • Bugfix: Paste from IntellJ(maybe more apps) inserts plain text html (Thanks Jeremy)
  • Bugfix: Authentication issue


  • Improvement: Fix Markdown preview theme for dark UIs to look better
  • Improvement: Code optimizations
  • Improvement: Add 'Paste as Plain Text' menu to the editor's context menu (Thanks Oliver)
  • Improvement: Allow GIF files as attachments
  • Bugfix: Fix app freezing for several seconds when using Google IME with suggest feature (Thanks kyokomi-san)


  • Bug fix: Pasting text won't replace current selection (Thanks Obi-san & @marie_9801)


  • Improvement: Support paste as plain text with Cmd-Alt-Shift-V or Ctrl-Alt-Shift-V.
  • Bug fix: Won't scroll to the cursor position when pasted large text


  • New feature: Paste HTML data as Markdown from clipboard
  • Improvement: Support GFM for HTML file import
  • Bug fix: Selecting multiple files on the HTML import dialog won't work (Thanks Makubi-san)


  • New feature: Import HTML


  • New feature: Sharing Notes on the Web
  • Bug fix: Refusing logging in wih newly retaken account (Thanks André)
  • Bug fix: Alert once about the trial expiration after purchased license (Thanks Yasunaka-san)
  • Bug fix: Syntax highlighting doesn't work with same name on the preview and the editor for some languages (Thanks Timothy)


  • Improvement: GraphQL syntax highlighting support (Thanks Tim)
  • Bugfix: Showing " " in Preferences panel (Thanks Xing)
  • Bugfix: New note unexpectedly inherits previous note's content (Thanks Obi-san)


  • Bugfix: Prevent clearing search keywords of in-note-search on editor:find (Thanks Ishida-san)
  • Bugfix: App crashes without any message dialog when failed to observe the config file (Thanks Parker)


  • Improvement: Make editor:find* and editor:replace commands global (Thanks Ishida-san)
  • Improvement: Pressing return key at the search bar to focus on the editor
  • Bugfix: Editor unexpectedly scrolls when there's an inline image widget (Thanks 諸岡さん)


  • New feature: Inline image widgets in the editor (Thanks Tyler)
  • Bugfix: Closing search box with esc on mac closes the full screen mode (Thanks Maciej)
  • Bugfix: Syntax highlighting for Powershell doesn't work (Thanks @whyallthenoise)
  • Bugfix: Gutter's background color won't be transparent when UI theme is vibrant-dark-ui.


  • Bugfix: Editor ignores changes made by other device (Thanks Luís)


  • Improvement: New internal API endpoint
  • Bugfix: Better context menu behaviors (Thanks Stephen)
  • Bugfix: Some UI themes break login screen


  • New feature: Duplicating Note (Thanks Geoff)
  • New feature: New Theme (Vibrancy Dark) for macOS
  • New feature: Copying Link Address in Note Preview (Thanks Vianney)
  • New feature: Support Highlighting Several Languages in Note Preview with highlight.js@9.12.0
  • New feature: Opening Link from Editor by Double-clicking URL
  • Improvement: Update Electron@1.6.7


  • Bugfix: Checkbox stays on the absolute position in HTML view (Thanks Ohshima-san)


  • Bugfix: Can't copy note link
  • Bugfix: Can't select multiple notes
  • Bugfix: Other small regressions due to the recent internal breaking change


  • new feature: Toggling checkbox on preview pane (Thanks Geoff and Jay)
  • improvement: Retain last update date when changing note's tag, status and notebook
  • Bugfix: Continuous list feature incorrectly works to Horizontal rule(* * *) (Thanks Stephen)
  • Bugfix: Checkbox formatting includes bullets (Thanks Stephen)


  • bugfix: Rendering corrupt todo list (Thanks Ohshima-san)


  • bugfix: Back-up won't work on Windows (Thanks Ohshima-san)
  • bugfix: App hangs when indexing too big note (Thanks Ohshima-san)


  • bugfix: Editor stops working in a particular condition #35 (Thanks @almorithm!)


  • new feature: A toolbar button for task list (Thanks Geoff!)
  • improvement: Continuous task list when hitting return key
  • bugfix: Cursor sometimes moves to top unexpectedly


  • improvement: Update some syntax themes
  • bugfix: Prevent moving a notebook to its own child notebook